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In order to honor the great work we've seen in the last 3 years by trying to fit it into our calendar, Benham Gallery will not be reviewing new portfolios again until Jan. 2004.
Thank you for your interest.

Submission Guidelines

Submit exhibition proposals between Jan 1st and March 15th

We prefer to see color copies for the initial approach. (Look at our web sight for an example) 4 to 6 images per page, 15 to 20 images per exhibition subject. You can submit as many different portfolio subjects you feel appropriate to our gallery. Include resume', artist statement, prices, editions, format(s) offered and anything else you feel appropriate.

We will not return any submissions that do not include SASE for return. We will not be responsible for any lost or damaged materials you wish returned.

If you have a web sight with your images on it you can send us the URL.

If we feel your art will be appropriate to exhibit in our 2003 schedule we will contact you and arrange to view originals.

We wish we could provide a more personal review for you but we receive over 700 submissions a year and find it overwhelming to respond to each individual. We seriously look at every submission. Our reputation is built on supporting emerging and midcareer artists, so give us your best shot!

If you would like to get personal feed back from reviewers, we suggest attending one of the many photo festivals provided annually for photographers.

If you live in Seattle, check out FotoRevu held by the Seattle Art Museum photo council in April.

E-mail Paula at PaulaM@SeattleArtMuseum.org for more information.

Here are some national and international photo meetings you might want to check out:

Fotofest International, Houston Texas, Biannual meeting Phone: 713-529-9140 info@fotofest.org
Photo Americas, Portland OR, Annual meeting Photoamericas@photographicimage.com www.photoamericas.com
Les Rencontres, Arles France, Annual meeting r.i.p.arles@pacwan.fr http://www.arles.org/rip/
Society of Photographic Educators, Annual meeting 904-255-8131

Festival of Lights www.festivaloflight.org

Portugal, May-June, www.bragatel.pt/eimagem

Bratislava/Slovakia, Nov-Dec, www.fotofa.sk

Buenos Aires/Argentina, August, www.eaf.com.ar/encuentros

Clarines/Venezula, July, cfconac@platino.gov.ve

Curitiba/Brasil, August-Oct, fcc@fcc.curitiba.pr.com.br

Guadalajara/Mexico, Sept-Oct, http://mexplaza.com.mx/cenrto/artes-museo

Herten/Germany, Sept - Oct, www.agfaphoto.com/herten

Houston/USA, March-April, www.fotofest.org

Madrid/Spain, June-July, www.photoes.com

Mexico City/Mexico, August-Oct, www.centrodelaimagem.org

Montreal/Canada,Sept-Oct, www.cam.org/~vpopuli

Moscow/Russia, May-June, www.mdf.ru

Odense/Denmark, August-Sept, www.brandts.dk

Paris/France, Oct-Nov, www.mep-fr.org

Rotterdam/netherlands, April-May, www.nfi.v2.nl

Santa Cruz De Tenerife/Spain, Oct-Nov, http://leo.worldonline.es/adfphoto/millennium.htm

Santa Cruz De Tenerife/Spain, Nov-Dec, www.cabtf.es

Stockholm/Sweden, Sept-Oct, www.xposeptember.com

Toronto/Canada, May, www.contactphoto.com

Torino/Italy, Sept-Oct, fifto@tin.it

Xalapa/Mexico, June, fematt@xal,megared.net.mx

Good Luck,
The staff at Benham