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Submission Guidelines

To receive notice about open call for submissions at Benham Gallery please sign-up on our email list on this site.

We wish we could provide more personal attention for you but we receive over 1000 requests to review submissions annually and find it overwhelming to respond to each individually.

If you would like to get personal feedback from Marita her fees are $275 for initial meetings that are 2 ½-3 hours and $90 per hour after the initial meeting.

If you want a review of your work and not career consulting, her fee is $100 and usually takes up to an hour.

For more information e-mail marita@benhamgallery.com.

Check out our events page for classes and seminars geared at helping young artists work through the “business of being artists.”

Thank you,
Benham staff


More Opportunities to Have Your Art Reviewed

Here are some national and international photo meetings you might want to check out to get reviewed by notable people working in the field of fine art photography.

Fotofest International, Houston, Texas, March – April: Biannual meeting
Phone: (713) 529-9140
Email: info@fotofest.org
Photo Lucida, Portland, Oregon: Annual meeting
Les Recontres, Arles, France: Annual meeting
Email: r.i.p.arles@pacwan.fr
Website: www.arles.org/rip
Society of Photographic Educators: Annual meeting
Phone: (904) 255-8131
Foto Revu, Photographic Center Northwest, Seattle, Washington: Annual one-day review by Northwest professionals in the field of fine art

Festival of Lights: www.festivaloflight.org
Portugal, May – June: www.bragatel.pt/eimagem
Bratislava, Slovakia, November – December: www.fotofa.sk
Buenos Aires, Argentina, August: www.eaf.com.ar/encuentros
Clarines, Venezuela, July: cfconac@platino.gov.ve
Curitiba, Brazil, August – October: fcc@fcc.curitiba.pr.com.br
Guadalajara, Mexico, September – October: http://mexplaza.com.mx/cenrto/artes-museo
Herten, Germany, September – October: www.agfaphoto.com/herten
Madrid, Spain, June – July: www.photoes.com
Mexico City, Mexico, August – October: www.cntrodelaimagem.com
Montreal, Canada, September – October: www.cam.org/~vpopuli
Moscow, Russia, May – June: www.mdf.ru
Odense, Denmark, August – September: www.brandts.dk
Paris, France, October – November: www.mep-fr.org
Rotterdam, Netherlands, April – May: www.nfi.v2.nl
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, October – November: leo.worlonline.es/adfphoto/millennium.htm
Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, November – December: www.cabtf.es
Stockholm, Sweden, September – October: www.xposeptember.com
Toronto, Canada, May: www.contactphoto.com
Torino, Italy, September – October: fifto@tin.it
Xalapa, Mexico, June: fematt@xal.megared.net.mx

Good Luck,
The Staff at Benham